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  1. Is D.K.K.C.I. Dragon Kenpo an Offshoot of American Kenpo?


    Dragon Kenpo / (Black Dragon Kenpo Karatejutsu) is a complete, comprehensively defined street combat sub-style of the original Ed. Hutchison Dragon Kenpo system, recognized by the World Street Combat Systems Organization. The WSCSO is the Non-traditional System certification umbrella of the World Nibuikai Budo Federation. The WSCSO and WNBF are sanctioned under the World Head Of Families Sokeship Council [WHFSC] umbrella.


  2. Does the original Ed Hutchison Dragon Kenpo really have a Shaolin Lineage?


    The Dragon Kenpo Lineage can be traced from the Seng Ping Tao or (Path Of The Warrior Monks) to the Southern Temples of Shaolin. There techniques were actually tried and tested on the ancient battlefield! Ed. Hutchison Dragon Kenpo is actually a Modern Day version of this ancient combat methodology.

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