White Crane Kenpo

B.D.C.C.I. Master & Grandmaster Councils:




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D.K.K.C.I. Council Members Information:  BDCCITBE PROMOTION COUNCIL:
1. Sensei Jerome Deshields;
2. Sifu Wakil Zaid;
3. Sifu  Roger Clinard;
4. Shihan Willie Reynolds:
5. Grandmaster Reginald Hoover:

1. Chief Instructor James Jones;
2. Asst: Instructor Jerome  DeShields;
3. Sifu Andre Rushing:


 These are the following Street Combat Kenpo- Jujitsu Examiner categories; (Chosen from the DKKCI Master & Grandmaster Council Of Advisors): 

Non-Traditional Street Combat Kenpo-Jujitsu: 
4th Degree Black Belt, (Yodan)-7th Degree Black Belt, (Shichidan) Examiners:

1. Chinese Style Lead Examiner-Soke Reggie Hoover 
2. Okinawan Style Lead Examiner- Grandmaster / Soke  
3. Freestyle Lead Examiner-Soke Reggie Hoover 
4. Nimpo Style Lead Examiner-Soke Eduardo Lugaro 
5. Aiki Style Lead Examiner-Soke Jose Garcia Ortiz 
6. Christian Kenpo Lead Examiner-Soke Rev. Gary Findley 
7. Floating Lead Examiner-Dr. Allen Carpenter:

1st Degree Black Belt, (Shodan) -3rd Degree Black Belt, (Sandan) Examiners:

1. Grandmaster Willie Reynolds; 
2. Examiner-Master James Jones Jr.    
3. Examiner-Master James Schoffstall 


1.   Soke Allen Carpenter;
2.   Soke Eduardo Lugaro;
3.   Soke John Corrigan;
4.   Sifu Roger Clinard;
5.   Sifu Wakil Zaid;
6.   Soke Reginald Hoover;
7.   Soke Jorge Garcia-Ortiz,

8.   Soke Nelson Vargas;

9.   Shihan Willie Reynolds;

10. Soke John LeGrand


1. Grandmaster Gary Findley;
2. Grandmaster Allen Carpenter;
3. Grandmaster George Petrotta;
4. Grandmaster Eduardo Lugaro;
5. Soke Jorge Garcia-Ortiz;
6. Grandmaster Reginald Hoover:


1. Master James Jones Jr.
2. Sifu Andre Rushing
3. Sensei Jerome Deshields
4. Grandmaster Willie Reynolds:

1. Master James Schoffstall;
2. Master Kip Marsh:
3. Master James Jones Jr.:
4. Master Ralph Schneider

5. Master Bjoern Elksnat

6. Master Peter Frohloff

7. Master Andrea Dreier







1. Grandmaster Gary Findley;
2. Grandmaster Bernd Hole;
3. Grandmaster George Petrotta;
4. Grandmaster Darel Chase;
5. Headmaster Jose Planas;

6. Soke Nelson Vargas;
7. Soke Mihails Pupinsh;
8. Grandmaster Frank Schneider;
9. Grandmaster D. Benedetto Stumpf;
10. Soke Lawerence Valadez;
11. Soke John Corrigan;
12. Soke Jorge Luis Gracia - Ortiz;
13. Grandmaster Eduardo Lugaro;
14. Grandmaster Willie Reynolds;
15. Grandmaster Allen Carpenter;
16. Grandmaster John LeGrand;                     17. Soke Edgardo Serrano Orta:

18. Bernd Kuehnapfel

19. Grandmaster Manfred Lee Rosen

16. Soke Edgardo Serrano Orta:

17. Grandmaster Bernd Kuehnapfel

18. Master Bjoern Elksnat

19. Grandmaster Paul Holley

20. Grandmaster Rick Greene

21. Grandmaster Carlos Frebres

22. Soke Rick Tew

23. Grandmaster Larry Sanders

24. Grandmaster George Lukacs

25. Grandmaster Taxiarhis Karalis

26. Ni Dai Soke Jose I. Coban

27. Soke Bryan Cheek

28. Soke Robert Gelinas

29. Soke  George T. Ross

30. Soke Andrew Morell

31. Soke David Kacperski

32. Soke John Paul Corrigan

33. Soke Brett Ernest

34. Headmaster Alvie L. Walts

35. Headmaster / Teacher Larry McFadden

36. Master Zouaier Chebbi

37. Dr. Darell Smith

38. Grandmaster Ljubomir Ljuba Vracarevic

39. Grandmaster Herman Harms

40. Soke Larry D. Mckinzy

41. Dr. Carlos Diaz

42. Dr. Edward Orem

43. Grandmaster Al Tracy










Black Dragon Clandestine Combatives Institute:




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To all DK yellow belts and certified instructors. The DKKCI Yellow Belt Master Training Series is on DVD for your in home dk training. Two new testing techniques were added ("Golden Leopard Loses It's Spots" & "Black Dragon Embraces The Wind") with obvious creative variation. This DK comprehensive training aid to the yellow belt's arsenal, with intro's and strike training of the Leopard-Fist; Tiger-Fist, Crane-Fist (Pheonix Eye & Wing/Hane & Crane's Beek), Snake-Fist, and Eagle's Talon-Fist will add the basic chinese boxing elements for the new stylist. Basic Bagua Chi Kung and Iron Arm Gong using standard & reverse abdominal breathing are also covered in this phase of kyu training.

Certified Instructors will also find this DVD a good training aid for conferring advanced yellow belt ranking if needed; and providing Cross Training & Ranking to New Dan Instructors.

Contact : chiduce@gmail.com  for details. 

The price is very reasonable at $35.00 + $4.00 shipping =$39.00 for all members & students. The DVD is 105 min. in length, good quality and professionally edited.


Sijo Reginald Hoover

Dragon Kenpo Karate Consortium International





World Council Of Sokes; In Honor Of A True Friend And Martial Arts Brother:





RIP 1970-2005
 Jorge Luis Garcia-Ortiz

President and Founder ICAJJF

International Combat Aikido & Jujitsu Federation 



 World Council of Sokes

Soke Jorge Luis Garcia-Ortiz, 8th Dan

Nagashimasu-Te Aikido

Grandmaster Ljubomir Ljuba Vracarevic, 10th Dan

Real Aikido System

Grandmaster Carlos Febres, 10th Dan

Nindo Ryu Gendai Ninjutsu

Grandmaster Reginald Hoover, 10th Dan

Butokutsuru Ryu Kempo-Jutsu

Grandmaster Rick Greene, 10th Dan

Bushi Jujitsu

Takai Shin Kempo Karate

Grandmaster Larry Sanders, 10th Dan

Sessen Jutsu Aiki-Jutsu

Grandmaster Taxiarhis Karalis, 10th Dan

Goshin SenJutsu Kempo

Grandmaster George Lukacs, 10th Dan

Tactical Combat Arts System

Ni Dai Soke Jose I. Caban, 8th Dan

Nisei Jujitsu

Soke Mihails Pupinsh, 8th Dan

Eko Do Kempo Karate

Soke Bryan Cheek, 8th Dan

Jukoshin Ryu Jujitsu

Soke George T. Ross, 8th Dan

Kagaku Michi Tekio Bujutsu

Soke Robert J. Gelinas, 7th Dan


Kajuki Ryu Jujitsu

Soke Andrew Morell, 6th Dan

Cobra Freestyle Martial Art

Master Alvie L. Walts, 5th Dan

ACF Self Defense System

Master Brett Ernest, 5th Dan

American Tiger Jujitsu

Master John Paul Corrigan, 5th Dan

Tatakai Jikaboei Do Kempo

Master Zouaier Chebbi

World Martial Arts Organizations Alliance

Soke Sho Dai David Kacperski, 5th Dan

Kasakaido Ryu Karate Jutsu / Budo