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Grandmaster Reginald Hoover

10th Dan / Kenpo - Jujutsu

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(Aa.); Turn your waist slightly to the right while stepping to your right with your left leg into a Semi-Cat Cross Legged stance ( Kosa Dachi). Shoot your Left Arm into a Circular Left Upward Elbow to the Attacker’s Left Arm Choke Hold, and Smash both of Your Elbows Down on the Attacker’s Arms to Break the Choke Hold. When the Attacker Releases the Choke, Thrust a Left Hand Leopard’s Fist/Paw Strike to his/her Throat, Stepping in with Your Left Leg/lead leg. Trap your Attacker’s Left Arm with Your Left Hand and Raise his/her Arm Exposing the Side Target Areas. Step in with Your Right Leg while Thrusting an Inverted Palm Up, Right Leopard’s Fist/Paw Strike to the Armpit or High Rib Area. Raise Your Right Clawing Hand and Deliver a Right Tiger Clawing Rake Rip Right to the attacker’s Eyes. With the arm still raised, stepping back with your right leg while pulling the attacker to you, Deliver A Horizontal Back Elbow to the attacker’s Floating Ribs crushing them. Then deliver a Side Looping Thrust Stomp Crushing The Attacker’s Lead Knee; Push him away and get into a Ready Stance/ Shizentai Dachi for escaping:


(Ab.); Stepping in the square foot concept, step immediately to the right rear side of the square with your left leg, pivoting on the ball of your right foot. As your attacker is committing to the push-pull approach while you are stepping Backward, trap you attacker’s left arm, just above the wrist while stepping in with your right foot as if you are pulling him/her past you. Pivot again on your Right Foot, Heal facing to Your Rear as you deliver a right elbow strike to the floating ribs. Turn the attacker’s Left Wrist Inward placing his/her Palm up. Place the attacker’s Elbow just over your Right Shoulder and Break it. Turn your Waist Inward to Your Right Striking his/her Upper Rib Cage with a Back Hammer Fist. Continue your motion Raising Your Right Hammer Fist into a Raking Tiger Claw to the Attacker’s Eyes, while in the Same Motion Twisting Your Waist Inward to the Right and placing Your Right Lead Leg Behind in Between Both of your Attacker’s Legs; then Stepping In with your Left Leg to the Attackers Centerline. Deliver a left palm heal strike to his/her solar plexus pushing the attacker over your right leg while the eye muscles are being torn with your raking tiger claw. As the attacker’s back hits the ground follow him/her delivering a falling right knee crushing the left rib cage area. Quickly; bounce to your feet to a ready position and escape; Note: This defensive counter attack works just as well from either side against the on-rushing frontal attack.


(Ac.) It does not matter if your attacker is Right or Left Handed, the Crossed Armed or Scissor Upward Over Head Block is used in this Counter Attacking Sequence. Cross your Right Arm Over your Left Arm with Palms Facing Inward Tiger Clawing the attacker’s Wrist’s, while your Scissor Block’s the Downward Club Swing of the attacker. If your attacker Guides the Club with the Left Hand; Use Clawing Trap of your Attacker’s Left Arm at the Wrist and Pull while you Turn Your Waist Inward Aligning Your Shoulder Parallel to the Attacker’s Shoulder. If the Attacker Guides the Club with the Right Hand; Use the Clawing Trap with your Right Hand and Pull Forward and turn your Waist Inward to Align Your Shoulder Parallel with the Attacker’s Shoulder. You are now aligned in front with the attacker behind you in this position! Assuming the attacker is guiding the Club with the Right Hand, Pull the Club Guide Hand Forward and deliver a Left Front Rising Knee Looping Stomp Kick to his/her Right/Lead Knee while Pulling Down On the Guiding Arm at the Elbow, Breaking The Controlling Club Arm’s Elbow on the lifting left knee. Pivot on you Left Leg Turning Right and Deliver A Crushing Right Back Elbow to the attacker’s Right Kidney while Reaching over your Right Side with the Left Hand To Deliver an Inverted Tiger Clawing Choke to the Attacker’s Throat, In This Same Motion Step Forward Into the Semi- Jigotai Dachi Stance/Bow An Arrow Stance or Forward Bent Leg Stance, With The Right Knee Bending Forward. Reach In With Your Right Hand and Deliver A Crushing Short Palm Heel Strike to the attacker’s Solar Plexus, Creating A Tiger Clawing The Throat Thrusting Palm Heel Throw over Your Right Knee! Once the attacker is thrown to the ground Deliver A Crushing Downward High Stomping Thrust Kick to the Attacker’s Right Knee, to prevent the attacker from getting to his/her feet and creating further chaos. Assume your Ready Position and Escape!



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(C1.) As the Attacker approaches with Intent, Your Feeling Sense or (“Attention”) should be High, as well as Yourself being Typically Alert for any altercation which possibly could occur! When the Attacker get’s within close Arm’s Length, He/She Strides into a Jumping Left Front Kick to your Solar Plexus. As the Attacker takes flight in Front Of You, Flow into the (Kosa-Dachi), Cross-Legged Stance positioning Your Right Leg Behind The Left as Your Left Palm provides the Check to Position A Counter-Strike If Needed; Close Your Distance Immediately by Stepping to Your Left with Your Right Leg while Continuing Your Forward Stepping Motion with Your Left Leg To Deliver An Explosive Vicious Gravity Riding Palm Heel Strike To The Attacker’s Solar Plexus, Continuing Your Right Hand Motion, Contouring Your Right Palm Heel Upward Forming A Right Hand Leopard’s Paw/Fist Strike To The Attacker’s Throat: Your Left Leg Will At This Point Be Positioned Behind The Attacker’s Trail Right Leg. Now Form Your Right Leopard’s Paw/Fist Into A Dragon’s Clawing Strangle, Digging Your Claws Into The Attacker’s Throat; While Stepping Forward with Your Right Leg Throwing Your Attacker Over Your Left Leg With The Dragon’s Clawing Strangle Driving Your Right Knee into the Attacker’s Solar Plexus As He/She Hits The Ground! Only Then Do You Release Your Dragon’s Claw Strangle; Hop Up into Your Ready Position For Escape!


(C2.) As the Attacker approaches with Intent; the same elements apply as in (C1.). When the Attacker get’s within close Arm’s Length, He/She Strides into a Jumping Right Front Kick to Your Solar Plexus. As the Attacker takes flight in Front Of You, Flow into the (Kosa-Dachi), Cross-Legged Stance Close Your Distance Immediately by Stepping to your Right with Your Left Leg while continuing Your Forward Stepping Motion with Your Right Leg positioning Your Left Leg Behind The Right as Your Right Palm provides the Check to Position A Counter-Strike If Needed; Close Your Distance Immediately by Stepping to Your Right with Your Left Leg while Continuing Your Stepping Motion with Your Right Leg To Deliver An Explosive Left Gravity Riding Hammer Fist To The Attacker’s Left Rib Cage Breaking Them. Continue Your Left Hand Motion Upward To Deliver An Eye Gouging Tiger’s Claw Strike Raking Downward To Form The Delivery Of A Left Short Crushing Hammer-Fist Strike To The Attacker’s Solar Plexus; While Delivering An Over Hand Right Leopard’s Paw/Fist Strike To The Side Oh The Attacker’s Neck. Contour Your Right Paw Up The Attacker’s Face An Deliver A Right Crushing Thumb Strike to the Attacker’s Left Eye, Finishing With A Right Eye Gouging Over Head Tiger’s Claw Explosively Jerking The Attacker’s Head Backward, Pulling Him/Her Into Position To Deliver A Crushing Explosive Rising Right Knee Strike To The Base Of The Attacker’s Skull, Pushing Him/Her To The Ground. Flowing Back into the Ready Position, You Have Your Escape Route!


Copyright 2005-2010 © Soke Reginald Hoover; All Rights Reserved By Dragon Kenpo Karate Consortium

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Grandmaster Reginald Hoover

10th Dan Kenpo-Jujutsu

Copyright 2004-2010 © Soke Reginald Hoover; All Rights Reserved By Dragon Kenpo Karate Consortium

This online lecture / seminar is part of a new series which the Black Dragon Clandestine Combatives Institute Of The Dragon Kenpo Karate Consortium provides for it’s Dragon Kenpo Practitioners. The initial topic will be the same with varying content. Considering the need to provide quality informative online learning aids for DK Students; Certified Instructors; and Stylists; the Consortium considers this effort as an effective and productive tool for further advancement within the martial process of Self-Mastery for the DK Independent Male And Female Stylists, Their Respective Independent National and International Community Institutes And Non-Independent Institutes Of Instruction.

Since DK is a street combat oriented martial system; we shall consider the specific issue of Defenses Against Blunted Objects. This category will be divided into three sections for the practitioner’s simplicity of comprehension. These sections are as follows:

1. Defense Against A Club;
2. Defense Against A Short Steel / Iron Rod;
3. Defense Against A Long Steel / Iron Rod:

Each sequence will be described in specific technique applications with possibilities for defensive variation. One defensive variation possibility will be discussed for each technique defensive here. It is very clear that other variations can be applied to each specific defense described in this lecture. Now let’s examine a one of the infinite defensive possibilities within our dynamically evolving system of Dragon Kenpo:

1. Defense Against A Club:

This defensive street application shall address the Club Defense as the weapon is used in an angled downward baseball bat type swing. The street attacker swings the club from his / her right to left. Note; the defense in this case should be treated the same as a sword attack: The attacker also has to step forward with his / her right leg to accomplish maximum force. Now let us begin:

1. As the attacker begins the angled downward club swing, immediately close the distance as you execute a left double cross open-hand (right over left) parrying trap of his right wrist with your right hand and left forearm just below the wrist on the inside and under the attacker's right forearm; ('your left hand blocking trap palm will be trapping the inside left forearm below wrist') as you deliver a high right stomping side - kick to your attacker’s right knee crushing it. Therefore, the attacker's offensive position is nuetralized and defensive stability and control is established!

The closing of the distance or (Ma-ai) should be accomplished as a quick gliding giant left stepping motion as the right trail leg deliver’s the vicious right side stomping kick to the knee as the left foot makes contact with the ground. Connecting with the attacker’s knee one – two seconds later. Thus, creating your 5 second window in developing the next set of upper & lower extremity countering motion possibilities:

2. As the attacker starts his / her waist forward and right knee (Buckling) in the downward angled right side falling motion; quickly reverse your motion clockwise with both trapped arms as you left step-in and hard sabaki right pivoting on your left foot, sliding under the attacker’s trapped arms. This will position you on the outward right - side of the attacker. The attacker will have to endure the right knee pain as it buckles in the opposite direction from your pulling motion; very likely tearing ligaments and tendon’s in this reverse motion process! If the attacker adjusts the weight on the left leg for this motion; just jerk him / her forward to bring the right broken trail leg forward to support his / her weight.

The sabaki motion also turns your attacker’s right palm (Down) (as you pull the trapped arms over your right shoulder) and left-palm up while gripping the club. This will also significantly turn the attacker's waist inward (toward you from left to right) on the collapsing knee as it's straining torn ligaments and bone pressure are twisted outward in reverse; again bringing tremendous pain to the attacker’s right knee tendons and ligaments:

3. Finish with a series of crushing right knee lifts (as you push / pull the attacker’s arms downward) to the attacker’s trapped left arm’s elbow crushing it. As you deliver two vicious left thrusting side-kicks to the attacker’s right side high ribcage, crushing them, ending with a final left thrusting stomp to the broken right knee collapsing it totally. Slide (contour) your left hand up and over (using a quick left wrist-twist under and over) the attacker’s right arm as your reposition your right hand over the attacker’s right wrist (using quick wrist-twist under and over) sliding right to cover-out as you take the club with your right hand bending the wrist and breaking the index finger as you complete your covering out! Thus, providing your escape route!

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